What is PayAnywhere?

PayAnywhere is Point of Sale (POS) software that helps you accept payments with low transaction costs. 

Low Cost

PayAnyhwere is a fantastic free or low-cost POS upgrade for any business that has been working with a simple terminal solution.  

All Business Type

It supports all types of businesses from mobile businesses, brick and mortar retail shops, restaurants and mail / phone order businesses in need of an online virtual terminal that supports recurring billing and invoicing.


  A giant leap forward in functionality to improve your operation, it offers powerful reporting and promises customer-friendly ease of use.

Why PayAnywhere?

PayAnywhere makes payments easy for business owners, employees, and customers.


Get free next day funding at no additional cost.  We provide you the software on any of the Free POS terminals and POS hardware options.  Our mobile credit card readers are easily paired with smartphones and tablets for use wherever your business takes you. PayAnywhere can be downloaded as an app to your mobile device to use with a simple blue tooth card reader,