1 Direct Processing is now offering merchants a solution that can save your business thousands of dollars a month in fees.

You now have the option to eliminate the costs of credit card processing while still offering the CONVENIENCE of accepting cards at your business

Card issuing institutions CHARGE YOU to accept their cards and then often give some of what they charge you back to your customers in the form of REWARDS like cash back programs.

Your customers are incentivized to use credit cards even when they have the cash, just so they can get the rewards. THE CONSUMER gets the rewards that YOU FUNDED.

But EDGE Program makes it FAIR to everyone: the one who gets the benefit ABSORBS THE COSTS.  

The Edge program ELIMINATES the burden of processing costs without impacting your current sales volume, allowing business owners to earn the same profit margins on all transactions.

This new FULLY COMPLIANT solution allows you to pass on the processing fees to your customers when using a credit card at your business.

The credit card terminal handles AUTOMATICALLY all of the calculations for you, and you end up with the same amount in your bank account on all sales.